Sponsorship Opportunities

Official CG&HC ’06 Show Sponsorships
Your company will be recognized as an official sponsor of the show in all communications.

Platinum, 1 only, SOLD

Gold, 2 only, SOLD

Silver, 3 only, 1 available

Bronze, 4 only, 1 available

Media & Event, unlimited


Miscellaneous CG&HC ’06 Sponsorships
Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities to promote your name and logo.

Sponsor the Registration Area SOLD
The Conference and Trade Show Registration will be in one area, and will have seating and small tables to create a lounge environment.

The registration area will have four counters. Your logo will appear on each counter. The lounge area will also feature signage identifying you as the sponsor.

Investment: $3,800.00


Sponsor Simultaneous Translation
All conference sessions will have simultaneous English-Spanish translation. You will be identified as the sponsor of this service with signage in each classroom each day of the conference.

Investment:  $5,000.00


Sponsor Conference Note Pads - SOLD
8 1/2 x 11 ruled legal pads will be available for conference attendees at the registration desk and also in classrooms. Your logo will be imprinted on each page.

Investment:  $2,500.00


Sponsor Name Badge Lanyards
1” wide white lanyards featuring bulldog clip. Provides area for your logo or name to be printed in black or blue.

Investment:  $1,500.00


Sponsor Show Tote Bags
18” x 14” heavy-duty, white plastic tote bag with a 3” gusset will be provided to every trade show attendee. Space available for the imprinting of your black and white logo.

Investment:  $525.00 per logo


To reserve sponsorship at Caribbean Gaming & Hospitality Conference 2006, please contact:
Bruce Smith




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